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Quarry Freeze

Quarry Freeze 2020

Quarry Freeze is our 10 week Winter League open to all shooters.

The league starts January 8th, 2020 and runs through March 15th, 2020.

Championship Round will be held Sunday March 29th, 2020.

Details and Registration

Registration form can be dropped off at the counter or emailed to



QF Scores Week 1

Shell Game Week 1

QF Scores Week 2

Shell Game Week 2

QF Scores Week 3

Shell Game Week 3

QF Scores Week 4

Shell Game Week 4

QF Scores Week 5

Shell Game Week 5

QF Scores Week 6

Shell Game Week 6

QF Scores Week 7

Shell Game Week 7

QF Scores Week 8

Shell Game Week 8

QF Scores Week 9

Shell Game Week 9

QF Scores Week 10

Shell Game Week 10